2018 Car Show for Autism is “in the bag”.

3rd Car Show for Autism was our first air-conditioned one

The elements are a car show’s planner worst nightmare, unless the show can be held indoors. And that is exactly what happend to us.

Thanks to the Newtown Athletic Club (NAC) generosity, we were able to move the car show indoors, into the NAC Sports Training Center, a nice, modern and airconditioned facility. The crowds loved it, the cars, trucks and motorcycles’ owners couldn’t believe their good fortune.

“How am I going to explain to my wife that I am not sun burned and sweaty as usual?” Asked Kurt who returned to the car show with his 1942 Jeep and buddy Mike for the third year.

Everyone loved the variety of antique, classic and modern cars, the door prizes, the raffle items, the music and the food. Rob’s Automotive 65 foot tow truck was a big hit with the kids who ran up and down the trailer ramp like an obstacle course. We think they slept well that night.

Enjoy the procession as the cars are leaving the building.